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Our Operator CPC introduction video gives an overview of the resources you will have access to if you purchase one of our Operator CPC courses. If you would like more information please call 0161 494 2836 or email [email protected].

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website here.

Following the success and popularity of delivering Driver CPC through the Zoom Platform, we’re now taking our Transport Manager Courses Online. An online version of our market leading traditional full structured 9 day course in the 2 weeks leading up to the exam is included, plus so much more:

  • Full time team of experienced instructors delivering classes ‘face to face’ 300+ days a year
  • 2000+ teaching sessions each year (sessions range from 60 – 120 mins)
  • Multiple zoom lessons each week, increasing towards examination date
  • Courses offered cover mornings, afternoons, evenings as well as Saturdays & Sundays
  • Online courses based upon methodology that has seen us grow to being the UK’s largest trainer of transport managers
  • Attend as many sessions as you like in the order that suits you
  • Online Question bank of 1000 multiple choice questions – sit as many practice tests as you like
  • Bespoke manual
  • A5 Keyfacts quick reference guide
  • Student Guide covering Syllabus & Exam Technique
  • Book of model answers to all past case study papers from the past 20 sittings
  • Online library of examiners comments and feedback from past 20 sittings
  • Voiced over presentations of all subjects to watch at your leisure
  • Enterprise Vimeo channel with animated past answers
  • Vimeo library of past tutorials
  • Email support and marking of questions
  • Mock Exam Days
  • Subject specific tutorial support groups
  • One to One Review Sessions

The resources above are much more than any one candidate will need to pass the exam. We have such an extensive offering because we teach such a wide range of candidates, with hugely different lifestyles and time constraints.

Irrespective of previous educational attainment, industry experience or whether English is your first language, Enterprise give you all the tools you need to pass.

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website here.