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Transport Manager Refresher Courses

Course Overview:

  • Day One is the same as the OLAT course which provides a comprehensive overview of the operator licensing regime.
  • Day Two examines a lot of the content from Day One in more detail, including worked scenarios.
  • Candidates have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to their own personal circumstances.
  • It covers the procedures and systems required to ensure operators comply with their legal undertakings. 
  • The course is often attended upon the recommendation of the Traffic Commissioner and is often a condition of obtaining or retaining an Operator Licence. 
  • Sometimes Operators attend prior to an interaction with the Traffic Commissioner in order to demonstrate their commitment to complying with the requirements of their Operator Licence. 
  • Other Operators see the course as the best method for ensuring that their Transport Manager and staff keep abreast of the requirements for running a compliant operation. 
  • The course costs £295+VAT for the first delegate. Additional delegates may attend at half price. 
  • The objective of the day is to give a comprehensive overview of the Operator Licencing requirements, whilst at the same time giving Operators the opportunity to discuss specific issues faced by their businesses.

Course Content:

Day One

Shared content with OLAT Course

  • Operator Licence System
  • Operator Commitments
  • Maintaining Online Records
  • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
  • EU Drivers Hours
  • Working Time Directive
  • Workforce agreements
  • Record keeping
  • Tachographs
  • Driver Licencing
  • Vehicle Maintenance (DVSA Guide to Roadworthiness)
  • Road Traffic Management and Enforcement
  • Dangerous Goods Movements (Road Haulage Only!)
  • Speed Limits & Traffic Regulations
  • International Aspects of Transport
  • The Authorities & Public Enquiries
  • Enforcement (DVSA and Police responsibilities)
  • Dealing with the Traffic Commissioner

Day Two

A more detailed examination of the role of the Transport Manger

  • W.A.R.S. (Attributes a TM must have physically and mentally to do the job correctly)
  • Statuary Documentation
  • TM Responsibilities
  • Skills Session (Costing)
  • Skills Session (Scheduling)
  • Skills Session (Licencing)
  • Impact Of Non-Compliance
  • Good Repute And The Protection Of
  • Company Policy/Best Practice Discussion

At the end of the Course time is allocated for attendees to ask questions pertaining to their individual circumstances

  • Q & A session For Candidates To Ask Any Questions Left Based On Their Own Circumstance

This 2 day course costs £295 + VAT for the first delegate, additional delegates may attend at half price. Upload 7 Driver CPC hours for an additional £8.75.

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website – Enterprise Transport Training.